We have always been researching to find new processes and colors for our customers while caring for the eco-sustainability of the product.


Claudio Palmiotti is a leader in the field of Patchwork and partners with leading Brand Luxury fur.
In addition to all the curtains patchwork fur are successfully used by companies operating in the manufacturing of footwear and furnishings



Dynamism, elegance, modernity, this is what we want to convey to our woman with our collections.


Fur Plates

Fur plates is the strength of our company.
Our plates are made with fur cuts. that thanks to the work of our artisans, they are wisely regenerated, sewn together giving new life to these precious materials


Palmiotti Home

Thanks to the skilled hands of our artisans, we create luxury furnishing accessories to furnish your home.
We are always looking for new processes that can express new styles and try to create precious optical effects, thus adding more charm to this timeless material.
In our showroom we have a vast assortment of blankets and materials available to create “tailor-made” any furnishing accessory of your choice.

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