a family art

Claudio is the son of a machine driver and nephew of Giovanni Bassi considered by all to be the master in the realization of the “Patchwork Sheets”, this is how Claudio falls in love with this profession and begins to learn all the techniques for the realizations of the “Bodies”, thanks also to the many hours of work in contact with the Master.

Over time Claudio realizes that these materials, initially considered by the large fashion industries as poor and unusable, can be remodelled and shaped making them innovative and fashionable, consequently he decides to propose himself to the most famous companies in the sector for the supply of cutting materials to make prestigious high fashion garments.

Today Claudio Palmiotti is a leader in the Patchwork sector and collaborates with the main Fur Luxury Brands.

In addition to fur, all patchwork sheets are successfully used by companies operating in the footwear and furniture manufacturing sector.